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Jamison Roe  - Massage Therapist Austin, Texas - Licensed Massage Therapist and Personal Trainer
Jamison Roe massage therapist Palm Springs      Hello. My name is Jamison Roe. I am a fully trained massage therapist, licensed and insured to work in the states of California and Texas. I have been practicing massage full time for 5 years and I'm passionate about providing the highest level of bodywork possible.  I have recently moved back to Austin, Texas and accepting both regular clients and visitors looking for top quality therapeutic work.
     I offer Swedish relaxation massage and sports massage/deep tissue. My techniques vary from long relaxing effleurage to strong forearm techniques and table stretches that allow me to find and unbind fascial and muscular restrictions. I pay particular attention to muscles strained by athletic training. I have experience with professional athletes and I am trained in Neurosoma (Limited Pressure Muscle Spindle Therapy) and Myofascial Release.
I specialize in...
Jamison Roe massage therapist Palm Springs- Relaxing Poolside
  •  lower back strain
  •  sore necks and shoulders
  •  strained rotator cuffs
  •  tight hips and sore glutes
  •  sports related injuries
  •  repetitive strain syndromes

  My massage combines a variety of the following techniques...

     From the peaceful and comfortable atmosphere of my massage room, my goal is to create an experience in which you feel completely and utterly renewed. I am confident I can provide you with specialized attention and an amazingly refreshing massage experience. No matter the issues you face, I am here to get you back into good health and physical fitness once again.

Call or text today!  (512) 608-8825  jamisonroe@gmail.com
Jamison Roe Massage Austin, Texas

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